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Nields School are happy to present

The Nativity Story

Performed by the children of Nields with special thanks to 

Miss Alison Howlett (Piano) Years 1 to 6 carols and Mrs Addinall (Guitar) with Reception children singing Twinkle Twinkle.

Please click on the videos below:

Mary and the Angel performed by Year 1

Year 1 - Mary and the Angel.mov

The Journey to Bethlehem performed by Year 2

Year 2 - The Journey to Bethlehem.MOV

Here we go up to Bethlehem sung by Year 1 and 2

KS1 Song - Here go up to Bethlehem.MOV

No Room at the Inn performed by Year 3

Year 3.MOV

Rat a tat tat sung by Year 3

Rat a tat tat.mov

Jesus is Born performed by Year 4

Away in a Manger sung by Year 4

Away in a manager.MOV

Shepherds hear News performed by Year 4

Shepherds give Gifts performed by Year 5

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star performed by Reception and accompanied by Mrs Addinall on the guitar

A New Star Appears performed by Year 5

1,2,3 Wise men are we sung by Year 5

123 wise men are we.MOV

Following the Star, Wise Men give Gifts performed by Year 6


Come and join the Celebration sung by Year 5 & 6

Come and join the celebration.MOV