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From Mrs Karen Hill, 4th January 2021.

Since February 2019, Nields School has been collecting recycling through the TerraCycle scheme. We started with just pens and soon after started collecting crisp packets.

We have increased the number of schemes we are signed up to and also tried some that didn’t work so well! We didn’t collect enough beauty products or snacks wrappers, so can no longer accept those.

We currently are collecting:

  • Crisp packets and outer wrap bags
  • Bread bags (just the LDPE4, not Warburton waxed paper or thicker bags)
  • Pens (any writing implement, including tip ex, but not glue sticks)
  • Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes
  • Home Hygiene / cleaning packaging flexible plastics only
  • Cheese packaging – including the netting

Our new schemes for 2021 are:

  • Lavazza Coffee Eco Caps – compostable ones
  • Ferrero Plastic boxes and trays


Totals as of the 1st Jan 2021

We can also collect ink cartridges from home printers and household batteries (not the button ones).

Black bins are in the school carpark, for any donations to be dropped off. Please place coffee caps in a plastic bag and if you can, use bread bags instead of other types of plastic bags to keep items together. Any questions, please email NieldsPTFA@gmx.com.

Did you know that we also sell secondhand uniform?

Yet another way to recycle at Nields School!

Due to the restrictions brought in with Covid, if you would like any items,  please contact school by telephone or email office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk and Louiza, Emily or Karen will get back to you and they will let you know if the item you want is in stock.