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In the summer of 2020, Nields School registered with Eco Schools, in a bid to attain the Bronze Award of the Green Flag for schools. The success of our recycling schemes and wormery project have shown that the pupils, staff and local community are very supportive of us trying to become a greener school.  Our Year 6 class are going to form the Eco Committee we require and work on this as part of their Welly Wednesdays with Mrs Hill. We will let you know through our regular Eco News, how things are going.  You can find out more about the Eco Schools programme through their website: https://www.eco-schools.org.uk/about/benefits-of-joining/       

For our first flag, we need to choose three topics to work on. We are already doing really well on the Waste category, so will include that one. Year 6 will be deciding which other topics we should focus on, once they have completed an Environmental Review of the school!   Last summer Nields School won a grant for some resources to help us with our desire to become an eco-school. This included a free training session for staff members and a number of wonderful resources, which we will be putting to good use in the new Nields Garden once spring arrives.  Included in our bundles of resources that we won were: Lots of bug related items, a large pollination bug house, mini bug & butterfly houses, identification kits, and resources for building further bug houses, which year 6 will be doing in their Welly Wednesdays this term.             

We were also sent lots of seeds for growing our own vegetables this spring.  We are really looking forward to getting the garden growing and then seeing the children work with the school kitchens to eat the produce they have grown.         

Another free resource we were successful in applying for this year was various packs of trees from the Woodland Trust. Some of these will help to create a mini forest within the grounds and some will be used to provide a barrier along the stream at the top of the field, as the roots will draw out some of the water and hopefully help to drain the field.‚Äč

update from Mrs Karen Hill

4th January 2021 





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