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Wednesday 1st April (Helen Lightfoot)

Good morning to you all!

Today it is April Fools' Day so here is a joke for you to tell a member of your family.

Why was 6 afraid of 7? 'Because 7, 8, 9!  (Ha, ha!)

Here are today's activities which you may want to try.


Can you think of some of your own April Fools' Day jokes or maybe make your own joke book.


Could you spend time looking at the clocks in your house as each hour passes.

Where are both of the hands on the clock face?

What activity are you doing? Are you having breakfast? Are you playing?  Maybe you could chat about this or if you prefer find a way to record it.

Hope you have a day full of love and laughter!

Mrs.Lightfoot/Mr Toon

Tuesday 31st March (James Toon)

Happy Tuesday!


The new task is to match the numbers to the words.


Do you know what plants need to grow?

If you go to this BBC website there are some fantastic videos that will tell you all about what plants need to grow and survive.

After you have watched the video, write down what a plant needs to grow.


Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot

Monday 30th March (James Toon)

Happy Monday!


There is a new spelling game in the task area. Can you spell the names of the animals in the quickest time?


This week we would like you to keep a diary what you do each day. You can either write it on paper or you could try and use the blog area on your homepage to write it. We would love to hear what you are getting up to.


Can you count in 10's to 100. Remember they are our 'cup of tea' numbers!

Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot.

Friday 27th March (James Toon)

Hello everyone!

Thank you to everyone who is joining in and completing the challenges. We are enjoying all the comments and blogs that everyone is writing.


We have set you a phonics challenge in the task area. Choose the correct sounds to make the word.

Can you complete it in the fastest time?


Can you draw and label a picture of a plant?

Heres one that can help you:


Can you order the numbers 1-10 or 1-20 in the correct order?

If your grown-up hides a number can you tell them which one is missing?


Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!


Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot

Thursday 26th March (James Toon)

Hello everyone!


Today we would like you to complete the subtraction challenge that we have set in the task area.

After the challenge is completed we would like you to make your own subtraction questions.

You could use a pack of playing cards. Choose 2 cards and subtract the smaller number away from the bigger number. Can you write the subtraction number sentence?


Have you noticed how much nicer the weather is becoming?

We are no longer in Winter and it is now Spring. How is Spring different to Winter? What else have you noticed outside?

Yesterday you wrote sentences about what you can see outside. Today we would like you to draw or paint a Spring picture.

Have fun!

Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot

Wednesday 25th March (James Toon)


We hope everyone is having fun and enjoying learning at home.

Todays tasks:


Roll a dice twice and add the two numbers together. Can you write the number sentence?


Can you write a sentence about what you can see out of the window or in your garden?

Have fun!

Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot

Monday 23rd March


We have set 2 maths tasks for you to complete.

To access the tasks log into the school website by clicking the botton on the bottom right.

Once logged in, click the 'tasks' button on the left hand side.

Can you answer the addition questions in the fastest possible time?


Watch the tricky word song phase 2 on youtube.

The tricky words are: I, no, go, to, she, the.

Can you write these tricky words on paper?

Can you write a short sentence that includes one or more of the tricky words?


Can you share a story book with your grown-up.

Good Luck and have fun!

Mr Toon + Mrs Lightfoot


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