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Tuesday 31st March (Jeremy Mckinna)

Good morning,

So, most of the tasks I've set have been English or Maths based. I have also been reminding you about the importance of exercise, being helpful and reading.

Today, your extra task is a music one. Select from these:

1) 'BBC Ten Pieces'. Click on 'Get Creative with Classical Music at Home' and / or 'Masterclasses and Live Lessons'.

2) Create a piece of music on 'Songmaker' or 'Garage Band' etc.


Monday 30th March 

Good morning class 6, I hope you had a good weekend. Here are some things for you to do today:

1) Search 'Corbett Maths Primary'. Select one of the topics, watch the video, try the questions and check your answers.

2) Do a chore at home you don't usually do, for example washing up, vacuuming the floor or doing some weeding.


Mr McKinna

P.S. Don't forget to log into DB Primary, Purple Mash, Classroom Secrets Kids and Timestable Rockstars.

Friday 27th March

Learning  a poem can give you a real sense of achievement and can stick with you for years - a great thing, especially if the poem you learn has a particularly enjoyable rhythm, a memorable phrase, a humorous line...

Your task is to find a good poem and learn it, or at least part of it.

Have a look in a poetry anthology or try googling 'poetry for kids'. 

Thursday 26th March

Good morning

Try a writing task today. Remember - there are pictures and possibilities in your folder. Pobble 365 also has great starter ideas.


PS Don't forget to check tasks on DBprimary

Hello class 6

Wednesday 25th March

Well done those of you who have had a go at the tasks I have set on DBprimary. 

Today's extra task (as well as some of your yellow folder work) is to write a diary entry dated today (in your pink books). You could include your thoughts and feelings about the last few days, since we were last at school. Don't forget to write in chronological order, in the first person. Remember paragraphs and starting sentences in different ways. Your older self should find this diary entry interesting - really think about it! 


Wednesday 25th March

It is good to see that some of you are using DB Primary and have added photos/paintings and designed your home pages, why not take a look at the tasks set and activities on there. Don't forget to look at Purple Mash as well.

from Mrs Lawton

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Today I would like you to:

1) Check out the activities that have been set on Purple Mash and on DBprimary.

2) Read for at least 15 minutes.

from Mr McKinna

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