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Friday 10th July

Lots of looking over everything you've done so far including this weeks maths which was very tricky. Don't worry if you haven't fully understood decimals, fractions and percentages because you'll go over it next year.

Have a lovely weekend, your only weekend activities are to have a get together with your family and tell them all why you love them, then read them a part of your favourite story. 

Big weekend hugs, Ms Sx

Thursday 9th July

Maths page 81

All the usual recapping

Kitty wrote a lovely piece on the blog about what she wants to do in the future. Have a think about what your dream job would be and write a piece saying why you would like it.

Hugs, Ms S x

Wednesday 8th July

Your work for today is:

Maths page 80

All your recapping from yesterday.

Write me a story about your favourite activity and post it on the blog.

Hugs, Ms Sx

Tuesday 7th July

Hi everyone, here's today's work:

Maths page 79

Recap all the same as yesterday. If you have stuck to the work schedule I have set then you should be getting quite good at it all by now and you must be a spelling whizz kid?!

Edit your work from yesterday and post it on the blog.

Big hugs, Ms S x


Monday 6th July

Maths page 78

Look through all of your spellings from year 3/4/5/6 plus the book. Find 10 words you still don't know and learn them.

Do your times tables from 2s to 12s. Se if you can say them all in under 2 minutes. Make sure somebody is checking you are getting them correct.

Write down what you would like to be when you grow up and give atleast 3 reasons why 

Hugs, Ms S x



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