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Thursday 26th March (Sophie Lockwood)

Good Morning Class 4,

How did your learning go yesterday?

It is great to see some of you joining Joe Wicks and taking part in his daily PE workouts - I have been joining in too!

A couple of ideas for you today:


Look around the house for right angles. How many can you find? Remember a right angle is 90 degrees. Take a look at the picture below:

List any right angles you find in your Home Learning Maths Book.


Find objects in the house and write alliterative sentences. Remember alliteration is where each word starts with the same letter. Take a look at the reminder below:

Have fun and stay safe, Miss Lockwood :) 


March 25th

How are you all doing? I have been reading your blog entries on DB Primary this morning and I have enjoyed looking at all of the work that you have been completing - well done!

I have set you some more tasks on DB Primary this week and I have also set some 'To Do's' on Purple Mash - remember your log ins are in your home learning packs but if you are stuck email or ring school and we can help you. You've also got a log in to Classroom Secrets which has got lots of fantastic activities on it. 

The weather is lovely today - try to go outside and get some fresh air, create your own exercise routine or make up a dance to some music! Invent a new game or use something in your garden to create some artwork. 

Focus on telling the time today - make a note in your home learning books with the time and what activity you were doing at that time. What time did you get up? Have breakfast? Complete an activity? Read a book?


I look forward to reading them. Good Luck smiley

Miss Lockwood

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