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Week Commencing

Activity ideas

20th July – Week 1

This week… Start a diary to record your favourite days in the holidays.

27th July – Week 2

This week…Read every day and then regularly for the rest of the holidays.

3rd August – Week 3

This week…Practise your 2x, 3x, 4x 5x and 10x

10th August – Week 4

This week…Make up a dance you can do to your favourite song.

17th August – Week 5

This week…Pick 20 spellings from the y2/3/4 exception words and learn them by the end of the week.

24th August – Week 6

This week…Make a special something to thank somebody important to you.

31st August – Week 7

This week…Go for a walk and see how many different types of trees you can find.


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