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Monday 30th March 

I Hope you and your family are well.

I have put some phonics activities onto our class and have been looking at all of your hard work.

If you have a pet why not ry drawing a detailed picture and labelling all the body parts you can. if you dont have a pet then you can choose your favourite animal, and do the same.

Do you know which group of animals they belong to?

Dont forget to look at prple mash for some new activities.

Stay safe.

Mrs Henderson

Friday 27th March 

Good morning year 1

I hope you are all well.

Today i would like you to read one of your books and answer the following questions.

1) Who is your favourite characher?

2) Where is your story set?

3) Write a description of the main character, remember to use adjectives.

4) Think of 3 questions to ask the main character if they came to your house for a visit.

Dont forget to use instrokes, capital letters and full stop.. Remember questions need a ?

Have fun 

Mrs Henderson

Wednesday 25th March 

Good Morning Year 1

I have just marked your Spring tests. Well done all of you. You should be very proud of how hard you have worked and how well you have done. Super job.

Try some capacity activities on DB Primary and Purple Mash.

Stay safe

Mrs Henderson

Monday 23rd March

I have set some 2do's on for you to do this week, so log into DB Primary and also Purple Mash with your username and password:

Also, some other things you can do whilst you are at home:-

  • Try reading a story to your teddy. 
  • Draw a picture of your favourite animal and label it. Do you know which group of animals it belongs to?
  • Get out in the garden and build a home for a hedgehog.

From Mrs Henderson, take care everyone and be safe.


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