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Due to the restrictions currently in place at school, if you need any further information, request paper copies or need to speak to a member of staff it is IMPORTANT that you do not enter the school building or the office so please contact school by telephone: 01484 842154 or email: office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk 


Letters and communications from school

Please note our two main methods of contact are by Ping and the website. Please contact school by email to office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk to ask about setting up Ping. You can also find information on Facebook, search for Nields School and PTFA and follow or request to join the group

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Important notice with regard to Zoom meetings

Zoom will be used for short social interaction sessions between the children at school and at home. These are not compulsory and if you do not give consent for your child to join please don't feel that you have to. Behaviour on these sessions will be monitored in line with the School Behaviour Policy. Please do not share this zoom invite with anyone else other than the children in your class. In the interest of keeping our children safe, please do not record, take any photographs of the screen or post any part of the meeting on any social media accounts.

Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe when using the internet and during our period of Remote Learning.   


3rd February 2021

This hamper arrived in school today for all the staff to share, it has come from

Slaithwaite Mutual Aid and Thornton & Ross

with the message:

'For doing a fantastic job! You are all stars.'

Staff at Nields appreciate very much this lovely gesture.


26th January 2021

How lovely! a special delivery arrived at school today (anonymously) by Royal Mail.

Thank you 




January 2021

Please note that the online learning for all classes is now on the class home pages and every child has a username and password to log in. Please contact Mrs Lawton at school if you require any help or information.

There are also additional non-compulsory resources and information available on the

 Useful websites for learning page.

Health and Wellbeing are so important to everyone, any time and especially now,  please click here to look at the resources available to you for Family Wellbeing.

Added 9th December 2020

Breakfast Club

It is with a heavy heart that we have needed to press the 'pause' button on the Breakfast Club from the end of this term. The school had the best intention to support families and the community but the effects of Covid have had a significant impact on the school. During November there have been more concerns about the impact of Covid on staff and children with a significant number isolating. In addition the risk of Covid for children and staff crossing several bubbles potentially could cause the closing of the school. Re-opening of the Breakfast Club is something we wish to come back to in the future.




December 2020

Slaithwaite Tree Festival at Slaithwaite Church 

Nields School's Caring Hands Box Tree

The hands were made by the children and seasonal and thoughtful messages were written on some of them. The boxes concealed beneath the hands contained items of foodstuff donated by staff which were given to Slaithwaite Relief Trust after Christmas.


21st October 2020 HARVEST FESTIVAL

As we were unable to have our Harvest Festival service at the church this year, the produce collected was given to the Slaithwaite Mutual Aid group for distribution, our year 5 children in Oceania class took them to Slaithwaite Fire Station. The donations were gratefully received and will be given to families in need across the community.

Thank you everyone for the donations of dried food and toiletries.  

Slaithwaite Mutual Aid group posted on Facebook a thank you as well for our support.



14/10/20 Just a reminder about Parents Evening - please note that letters have been sent home with your children (13th October 2020). Should you wish to check/change your call times then please contact the office by telephone or email as soon as possible. Thank you.


Due to the restrictions currently in place at school, should you require any information or need to speak to a member of staff it is IMPORTANT that you do not call at the office but contact school by telephone: 01484 842154 or email: office.nields@kirkleeseducation.uk 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.



Latest news from the PTFA August 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new 2nd hand uniform shop and there is a bin in the carpark where you can leave any suitable items. A termly Secondhand Uniform sale will take place at school. 

There is also a bin for the recycling products we’re currently collecting.

Please see the posters below for details of the things you can put into the collecting bins.

Click on the images below to open up a larger version to view.





Please recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than putting them in the bin. There are many families across Kirklees who no longer receive a school uniform grant and would benefit from your generosity. By recycling old school uniform children can go to school in proper uniform reducing the risk of bullying. Your donations of unwanted/outgrown uniforms can be provided to those who want them the most, free of charge.


You can drop off any items in the Uniform Exchange bin at Slaithwaite Fire Station.

UNIFORM EXCHANGE is a local charity that recycles (click on this link to find out how you can donate) school uniform and provides (click on this link to find out how you can get items) which is free for families in Kirklees. You can drop off any items you wish to recycle at your local library. For more information please click on the links.



Kirklees Additional Needs Register

Register your child or young person (0-25 years) with special educational needs and/or disabilities to the Kirklees Additional Needs Register, and you will be helping them to plan the services for their future. You  can sign up online at www.kirklees.gov.uk/additionalneeds or you can request a paper form by contacting:

email: additionalneedsregister@kirklees.gov.uk 

tel: 01484 221000 ask for 'Additional Needs Register' when prompted.

Please click here to go to the Family Wellbeing page for useful links for information, advice and coping during lockdown.



Please also look at the Family Wellbeing page for more useful links.


We would like to remind you that you can text a nurse at Locala thriving Kirklees Health Service for advice during this time, in the Covid 19 pandemic the service runs Monday to Friday 8am until 8pm with qualified nurses and nursery nurses The numbers to text on are Chathealth Text for parents/carers 07520 618867 for young people 07520 618866. They also have the Locala Facebook page which is updated daily.


  • CORONA VIRUS SCAMS please click this link to read the West Yorkshire Trading Standards newsletter about COVID-19 related scams.
  • PDAP   please click the link to see information and telephone number for  Pennine Domestic Abuse Partnership who provide specialist high quality support, advice and safe accommodation for all victims of domestic abuse aged 16 or above.
  • WELL-BEAN CAFE The Well-Bean Café is a safe and confidential 7 day service offering mental health support to anyone in crisis living in Kirklees, currently operating as a phone service only please click on the link for details.

The following links and information have been sent to our school from Kirklees.gov.uk

  • KIRKLEES COUNCIL COMMUNITY RESPONSE Council hotline: A new freephone number has been added. Freephone 0800 4561114. The local number for the helpline, 01484 226919 will continue to be available, and we will happily call people back if they would like us to. Both numbers are answered by the same team at Kirklees Direct. This is not a new service - the advice and support given will be the same on both lines, as part of our co-ordinated Community Response.

    We’ve added some information about this to our blog (click on this link)  Freephone Covid-19 Community Response helpline


  • KIRKLEES MENTAL HEALTH PARTNERSHIP Are you looking for Mental Health & Wellbeing support in Kirklees? We are the commissioned, Community Adult Mental Health service providers from the voluntary sector, working together to provide a better mental health service in Kirklees.​

  • BTM This website has resources and information which maybe useful for those with or supporting children with Learning Disabilities. BTM is an organisation that is passionate about making information accessible to as many people as possible. We work with, and support, a broad range of individuals and communities who find ordinary print difficult or impossible to read. Central to our work is the inclusion of these people in the development and creation of accessible materials.


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